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Suction Automate™ Size and FAQ

Cordless Efficiency: Our customers enjoy a hands-free breast pumping that saves time and acts as a comfortable lactation support. Made for supermoms, Suction Automate™.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many breast pumps are there with one order of Suction Automate™?

Each order comes with one wearable breast pump, a user manual, charging cable, and two bra clips.

Does Suction Automate™ fit all breast sizes?

Absolutely yes! Our wearable breast pump can fit all breast sizes . For a more comfortable fit, we recommend wearing a standard nursing bra.

How many times can you use Suction Automate™ before charging again?

A single charge lets you use the breast pump up to 6 times, 80 minutes each.

How do you know when Suction Automate™ is done pumping?

The wearable pump automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. 

Is Suction Automate™ dishwasher safe?

Yes, yes it is! It’s also made with BPA-free materials to ensure that its safe for you and your baby.