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Stir master™ Size and FAQ

Automated Kitchen: Our customers enjoy the convenience that our modern cooking gadget provides. With a click of a button, meal times are as trouble free as it can get, Stir Master™.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the stirrer safe for on-stick and or teflon pans?

It’s absolutely safe for any and all kinds of pans! The blade legs of Stirrer Master™ are made with food-grade silicone to gently sweep the pan without causing any damages and leaving any scratch marks.

Can you completely immerse the stirrer?

We recommend submerging only the blade leg part, and not further than the crease where the bottom half meets the top of the body as the upper part contains the battery. 

Can you use the stirrer preserves or freshly diced fruits for making jam?

Our Stir Master™ is best used for thinner sauces, soups and dips. We don’t recommend using this stirrer for jam making and the like since it’s motor is equipped for light to medium stirring, even at the highest speed setting,

Do I have to watch the stirrer for safety purposes?

Absolutely not! Stir Master™ is completely a smart kitchen tool that requires little to no supervision. It would stir based on your configured speed and time setting, so after the time’s up you can just add your finish touches, and viola! Dinner is served.