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Scope Probe™ Size and FAQ

Medical-Grade Technology: Our otoscope kit allows for professional ear wax removal at the comfort of your home without sacrificing safety.  Scope Probe™, the reliable everyday technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Scope Probe™ work on all kinds of ear wax?

Yes, it does! Our otoscope can safely remove even hardened blockages.

Can I remove foreign objects stuck in my ear besides ear wax using Scope Probe™?

To ease anxiety, you can use the scope to check if something is stuck and see if it's removable. However, for cases like this other than earwax, there's something else in your ears. We recommend that you seek professional help. 

Do you connect the Scrope Probe™ using Bluetooth?

Scope Probe™ comes with built-in wifi that works hand-in-hand with the app needed to download for real-timereal time viewing of each ear wax removal.