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Replenish Gear™ Size and FAQ

Comfort in Performance: Our customers enjoy a chafe-free hydration vest that fits all their game day essentials. Replenish Gear™, redesigned convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum or recommended water bladder size that can be added and carried in the back? 

Our Replenish Gear™ can carry around 1.5L up to  2L water bladder to help keep you hydrated. 

Can it fit my phone?

There's a good-sized pocked behind the water bottle pouch on the front left chest and interior to hold any smartphone. Likewise, several pockets can be found in and around the vest to all other necessary items, and can even fit a light jacket. 

Is it one size fits all?

Absolutely, yes! The adjustable sternum straps ensure a comfortable fit for all body straps.