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Relief Stance™ Size and FAQ

Ergonomically Engineered: Our customers enjoy the cushioned mat that provides comfort and support. Relief Stance™, stand with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be barefoot when I step into Relief Stance™?

Absolutely yes! Relief Stance™ provides much-needed comfortt regardless of footwear and or surfaces! 

How thick is Relief Stance™? 

The height/thickness of Relief Stance™ is about 0.47 inches. Just enough thickness for padded support without being a tripping hazard.

Does Relief Stance™ leave marks/rings on surfaces?

Each of our Relief Stance™ leaves no residue on any kind of flooring.

How do I clean Relief Stance™?

Our Relief Stance™ is made ofwater and liquid repellant materials. This makes for effortless cleaning. You can just clean the mat with a damp cloth and if needed, use a vacuum for the dry mess.