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Plush Paradise™ Size and FAQ

Submerge in Solace: Our customers enjoy a day off from the chaos of a work-from-home setup. Plush Paradise™, reminding you of what self-care means.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Plush Paradise™ fit in any bathtub?

Absolutely yes! Our Plush Paradise™ is suitable for all kinds of tubs:soaking tub, round or square tub, straight back tub, jacuzzi, claw-foot tub, and bathtub with jets.

How often should I wash Plush Paradise™?

We recommend washing Plush Paradise™ every 1-2 weeks. In addition, please ensure to immediately dry after washing and rinsing.

Does Plush Paradise™ easily build up mold?

Our plush Paradise™ has a breathable mesh fabric and built-in side hook for ease of drying. To reduce the risk of mold build-up, the pillow must be hung dry in a well-ventilated area. 

Is Plush Paradise™ comfortable for a long period of use?

Yes, it is!The filling of Plush Paradise™ is made of polyester. Its cubic construction makes our pillow comfortable and rebounds quickly for maximum relaxation.