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Paradise Shower™ Size and FAQ

Less is More: Our customers enjoy the green technology of aerated and pressurized shower heads without the sting. Paradise Shower™, just because it’s using less water, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a luxury shower. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace the PP cotton filter?

Absolutely yes! The add-on filter can be bought in hardware stores and in online stores.

How often do you replace the filter?

Each water filter, including the one in the package, can be used for up to four months, although we recommend replacing the filter once every two months.

Can I use a shower bracket instead of a hose to attach the shower head?

Yes, you can! The shower head has a G1/2” international standard interface that’s suitable for all kinds of attachments including a shower bracket.

Does it have massage settings?

Our shower head has only two settings: a powerful jet mode, and a gentle stream. The default setting is aerated pressurized water flow. To activate a gentler mode that’s ideal for washing the face, simply press the one-stop button found on the handle. 

Can you use it to wash your pets?
Yes, you can! The pressurized water flow is perfect for getting rid of dirt from your dogs and other pets.