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Neck Retreat™ Size and FAQ

Comfort Wherever: Our customers enjoy a portable massager in a shape of a neck pillow! Neck Retreat™,  a modern ergonomic relaxation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Neck Retreat™need to be charged?

Our Neck Retreat™ only takes an hour to charge fully! On a full battery, it’s suitable for 5-6 uses!

Does Neck Retreat™ cause electric shock?

Absolutely not! Neck Retreat™ may cause some tingling sensations for first-time users but will get more comfortable after just a few uses.

What are the different modes of Neck Retreat™?

Our Neck Retreat™ is equipped with automatic relaxation and vitality modes. Each mode addresses different degrees of fatigue. Plus 15 levels of pulse intensity for an even deeper massage!