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Nature Mat™ Size and FAQ

Lightweight Comfort: Our customers enjoy the compact yet spacious sleeping pad for camping that’s fully equipped to handle all terrains and weather conditions. Nature Mat™, packable functionality for the outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the sleeping mat comfortable for side sleepers?

Nature Mat™ offers comfort for any sleeping position with its wide sleeping area and interconnected air cell design. We recommend at least inflating it even a bit more than halfway to provide ample cushion, especially for side sleepers so that your hip won’t graze the ground.

Does the sleeping mat come with a pillow?

Yes! Our sleeping mat comes with a built-in pillow to help elevate your head while you rest. 

Can this be inflated with a pump bag?

There’s no need to inflate Nature Mat™ with a third-party accessory since it also comes with a built-in air pump located at the foot area of the mat. Simply push the pump with your hands or feet to inflate. 

Can it double as a lake float?

Although it’s waterproof and durable, we don’t recommend using Nature Mat™ other than its intended purpose of providing a comfortable sleeping area. For safety purposes, please use it on land.