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NailArt Pro™ Size and FAQ

Artistic Convenience: Our customers enjoy the unboxed creativity offered by NailArt Pro™. Never the same, but always distinctively yours. NailArt Pro™, you nailed it! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can NailArt Pro™ be used for Acrylic?

Yes to the Yes! Our NailArt Pro™ is for both acrylics and gel types of nail polish. The versatility allows you to create all types of design according to your preference.

Do the bristles break after thorough washing?

The bristles of NailArt Pro™ are constructed with nylon fibers and secured with high-quality plastic to ensure bristle durability. Wash it as hard as you’d like, and still no forking!

Does NailArt Pro™ work with small fingers?

Yes! We recognize beautiful nails come in all shapes and sizes, so NailArt Pro™ has a wide variety of brush tips from fine to wide. Small fingers won’t be an issue.

Are the handles slippery? 

Our NailArt Pro™ handles are round and thinly shaped to replicate brush paint handles. It’s as comfortable and tightly grip as it can be.

How do you clean NailArt Pro™?

Simply wash it with tap water, wipe it with alcohol or acetone. Let dry, and you’re good to go!