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Magic Book Sizing and FAQ

Pink - Regular: This size is ideal for clothing articles made of light to medium materials i.e. shirts, tops, pants, jeans, etc.

Gold - Large: This size is ideal for clothing articles made of heavier materials i.e. hoodies, heavy sweaters, etc.

Multi-clothing Purpose: Our customers use our Magic Books for shirts, pants, jeans, t-shirts, skirts, underwear, pajamas, hoodies, sweaters, shorts, leggings, gowns, tops, saris, scarves, traditional clothing, towels, bed sheets, light blankets, clothing fabrics and more!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do the Magic Books leave wrinkles in your clothing?

Absolutely not! Our Magic Books are designed to fully enclose ALL clothing articles with it's book-like shape and extra strong ribbons keeping them neat and secure no matter how you put them away.

Do the Magic Books leave fold/crease lines on your clothing?

The cutouts and folds on our Magic Books are specifically engineered to hold each clothing item in such a way that minimizes any fold/crease lines.

Do they fit children's clothing?

For toddlers, most of our customers stack their clothing items on top of each other within one Magic Book and stow them away. For all other ages, the Magic Books work normally!

Do they fit plus size clothing?

Yes they do! The thickness of the material matters more when it comes to fitment and not necessarily the "size". Example: an XXL sized clothing item that is made of thin material will easily fit our Magic Books (Please refer to the Size Guide)

Can you use one Magic Book for multiple clothing items?

Absolutely! Some of our frequently traveling customers utilize our Magic Books to pack multiple lighter to medium clothing items in one Magic Book. Example: Shirt, Jeans, Socks & Underwear combo.