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Leather Rebirth™ Size and FAQ

Quality Restoration: Our customers enjoy an effortless and seamlesss upholstering of timeless leather goods for generations to enjoy. Leather Rebirth™, restoring materials to last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What leather materials can I use Leather Rebirth™ on?

Our Leather Rebirth™ can be used to almost ALL leather furniture and goods. From Ashley sofas, wing backed chairs, motorcycle seats, jackets and more!

Does Leather Rebirth™ come with a glue?

Leather Rebirth™ comes with a strong-adhesive material for ease of use. So simply cut into the shape needed, peel and stick. 

How can I ensure Leather Rebirth™ would stick in curve edges or high stress areas?

For curved edges such as certain areas in car seats:

  1. First clean the area to be repaired with alcohol and let dry.
  2. Next, ensure that you cover even the area surrounding the tear and rip.
  3. Carefully, round the corners to place it smoothly.
  4. After placement and pressing down to make sure it's secure.
  5. Use a hair dryer and heat up the area especially the edges to make the adhesion stronger.
  6. Allow to cool and settle before sitting or rubbing against the repaired area.