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Lash Lift™ Size and FAQ

Redefined Lashes: Our customers enjoy trouble-free and painless eyelash enhancement with Lash Lift™’s straightforward innovation. Lash Lift™, for even more breathtaking eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Lash Lift™ have to be charged

We recommend charging the device for about 2 hours for the best results!

How do I use Lash Lift™?

Our Lash Lift™ is made for beginners, too. To use the device:

1.Apply your chosen mascara

2.Preheat the curler for 10-20 seconds

3.Press on the bottom of the lashes for another 5-10 seconds

4.Press from root to the upper part of the lashes, section by section

5.For finishing touches, apply the mascara again.

How do I make sure Lash Lift™ won’t cause any eyelids and eyelashes to burn?

Each Lash Lift™ has dual temperature modes to fit your kind of lashes. 

  • For those with soft and fake lashes/eyelash extension, use the low-temperature mode 
  • For those with thick eyelashes, the high-temperature mode use the high-temperature mode