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Desk Bot™ Size and FAQ

Spotless Workspace: Helping you ease your work-from-home experience, our Desk Bot™ cleans up after you. Desk Bot™, immaculate spaces for a peaceful mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Desk Bot™ automatic?

Our Desk Bot™ works by simply pressing the on-switch and moving the device to where you’d like to clean. 

Does Desk Bot™ work on soft surfaces?

Yes! The device can be used both on hard and soft surfaces like sofas and beds!

How long do you have to charge Desk Bot™?

Desk Bot™ should be charged for at least an hour to enjoy 90 minutes of use.

Is the Desk Bot™ filter replaceable?

Each Desk Bot™ is equipped with a non-replaceable filter since you can simply clean it after use.