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Cork Expert™ Size and FAQ

Wine Connoisseur Favorite: Our customers enjoy the highly recommended electric corkscrew set that provides all the necessary accessories to ease your wine nights. Effortless Elegance made known, Cork Expert™.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it open artificial cork like plastic?

Absolutely yes! The wine corker is suitable for all types of corks.

Do you always need to use the foil cutter before using the opener?

Not necessarily, it depends on the type of bottle of wine and type of foil. If the bottle is sealed with hard-to-remove foil, then we recommend using the foil cutter first. If not, the electric corkscrew is more than capable of removing the cork.

How do you clean the electric corkscrew and accessories?

Use a moist paper towel in a mixture of dishwashing liquid and vinegar (60/40 ratio). In lukewarm water was the wine opener and its accessories. Let it rest for about 2 hours.

Will the wine’s flavor be fully preserved after opening?

By removing oxygen with the vacuum stopper, you can rest assured that your wine will still taste exquisite.