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Colorway Apparel™ Size and FAQ

Simple Luxury: Our customers enjoy the humble beauty of slides made into purposeful footwear for everyday elegance. Colorway Apparel™, bringing happiness through appeal.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Does Colorway Apparel™ come with a matching bag?

Absolutely yes! Each of our Colorway Apparel™ slides come with a matching bag for a more complete aesthetic. 

Is the Colorway Apparel™ made of real fur?

Our Colorway Apparel™ is made with high-grade faux fur, it’s cruel-free craftsmanship. 

Is the fur in Colorway Apparel™ itchy?

Our Colorway Apparel has comfort and warmth in mind, so each faux fur is sewn ever so precisely around the band for two reasons: 1) To prevent any itchy and scratchy feel when worn. 2) To maximize comfort and add just enough warmth so that your feet won’t sweat and have that clammy feel. 

Does Colorway Apparel™ have traction soles?

Yes, it does! Colorway Apparel prevents any accidental slips through its skid-proof rubber soles. 

Can I wear my Colorway Apparel™ in the shower?

Certainly, yes! Each Colorway Apparel™ has quick-drying faux fur so you can seamlessly transition from waking up in the morning to getting fresh and ready for the day.