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Central Glow™ Size and FAQ

Professional Lighting: Our customers enjoy the simplicity of Central Glow™’s innovative craftsmanship. Central Glow™ provides the ambiance needed for success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What phones can I use for the Bluetooth remote?

All IOS and android devices are compatible with Central Glow™. The best part is you can place your phone even if it has a case! 

Can I rotate Central Glow™ vertically? 

Absolutely yes! Our Central Glow™ has a two-way phone grip so it could be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

Does Central Glow™ have an extendable tripod?

Each of our Central Glow™ is designed as a quality, functional and portable desk ring light. This way, everyone with a limited make-shift workspace has the opportunity to enjoy the best possible lighting?

Can I dim Central Glow™’s ring light?

Yes, you can! Central Glow™ has 4 brightness levels: 10%, 30%, 70% and 100%

Is Central Glow™ battery operated?

Aside from the Bluetooth shutter remote, Central Glow™ is USB-powered to allow continuous lighting.

Can I shoot/film from top view angle using Central Glow™

With our Central Glow™’s adjustable angle, you definitely can!