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Cashmere Comfort™ Size and FAQ

Homely Warmth: Our costumers enjoy a nostalgic hot chocolate in the morning in a cold Sunday kind of feel from our Cashmere Comfort™. Cashmere Comfort™, a tender embrace unlike any other.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cashmere Comfort™ skin-tight? 

Our Cashmere Comfort™ is skin tight to have a perfectly contoured hip, yet it’s comfortable to wear! 

Does Cashmere Comfort™ have to be hand washed?

Yes, Cashmere Comfort™ has to be hand washed. This is to ensure that the delicate fabric is well preserved. Each Cashmere Comfort™ is pill-free, so you don’t have to worry about any decline in quality whenever you wash them.

Can you layer Cashmere Comfort™?

Absolutely yes! We understand that thermal leggings aren’t always your go-to outfit. It’s alright, you can always just use them as a base layer for a warm stunning look. 

Is Cashmere Comfort™ sweat-resistant? 

Each Cashmere Comfort™ is moisture-wicking for the most breathable warmers yet. It eliminates the bad odor and clammy feel to ensure long-lasting freshness. 

Does Cashmere Comfort™ easily wear and tear?

Absoulutley not! Our Cashmere Comfort™ is scratch-resistant. So even if you hit sharp corners, it comes out scathe free.