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Cable Guardian™ Size and FAQ

Adorable Genius Fix: Our customers enjoy the functionality of a quirky cable protector that's both sturdy and durable. Cable Guardian™, because everyday gadgets deserve everyday care.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Cable Guardian™ work for USB-C and Micro-USB cables? 

Certainly yes! Our Cable Guardian™ is designed for both lightning and USB-C cables. 

For lighting cables, Cable Guardian™ fits seamlessly while for USB-C and micro-USB cables it would fit but will not bite all the way compared to lighting cables.  Both, however, would still provide all the necessary protections and security! 

Can I use Cable Guardian™ even if I have my phone case on?

We recommend using a fairly thin to medium thick phone cases for better phone cable protection. 

Is Cable Guardian™ easy to use?

Yes, it is! We understand that a simple solution should be easily used too. So Cable Guardian is a two-step system, just slide it in the chosen wire, plug, and enjoy.

Will I have to keep readjusting my Cable Guardian™ so my phone will charge?

Absolutely not! Cable Guardian is constructed with only the highest quality of PVC to prevent that weird-angled needed for fragile wires to work.

Does Cable Guardian™ work for fraying cables?

Cable Guardian™ is primarily made to protect the wear and tear prone cable chargers. Aside from dust protection, it prevents tangles, knots, and yes, frayed wires!