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Brow Pro™ Size and FAQ

Effortless Beauty: Our customers enjoy a convenient beauty tool that consistently creates flawless eyebrows. Brow Pro™, stunning as always. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Brow Pro™ work on small faces?

Certainly yes! Our Brow Pro™ works on ALL face shapes and sizes. With its adjustable 3- eyebrow shaper, you can achieve the best brows look according to your preference and style. 

Which eyebrow shapes can Brow Pro™ achieve?

Brow Pro™’s 3-in-1 adjustable shaper settings provides three different shapes: flat/straight angle, soft-angled, and hard-angled. To achieve the flat/ straight angle look, use the first setting. For soft-angled brows use the second setting. For hard-angled brows, press the third setting.

Can Brow Pro™ be used for first-time make-up users?

Absolutely yes! Brow Pro™ is easy and effortless. Just adjust the button buckle, align Brow Pro™’s handle in the center, and draw your ideal eyebrows with a brow pencil, or brow pen.

Is there a band included in Brow Pro™ for no-hands use?

Each Brow Pro™ has a firm yet lightweight handle for unshakeable eyebrow shaper/stencil so you can achieve the proper shape. Although there are no bands included, Brow Pro™ is comfortable enough to reduce fatigue while in use.

Will Brow Pro™ create even brows?

Yes, it will! Our Brow Pro™ has a butterfly design technology, providing perfectly even and symmetrical brows.