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Botanical Radiance™ Size and FAQ

Green Space Convenience: Our customers enjoy the benefits of a premium Phyto Lamp for optimum growth with a touch of gentle plant care. Botanical Radiance™, green thumb made possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Botanical Radiance™ battery operated?

To maximize each of our Botanical Radiance™'s LED lights, we use USB charging cables. Not only does it reduce hazardous waste brought by batteries, but it's also more energy-efficient and convenient!

Does Botanical Radiance™ come with a stand?

Botanical Radiance™ has a clip and gooseneck design for easier installation. Simply clip on the preferred surface and adjust the height accordingly with the durable and flexible iron gooseneck body.

Can I use Botanical Radiance™ for plants that need less than 4 hours of sunlight?

Yes, you can! Botanical Radiance™ has a revolutionary intelligent dimming and circular memory timer.  For plants that need a full shade or dappled sun, you can choose the brightness level of the lamp and pair it with our timer. This way, you can replicate the necessary shading for the plants.

What if I have a large plant, will Botanical Radiance™ cover it evenly?

Absolutely yes! Each of our Botanical Radiance™ has an outstanding 2-3 square meters of lighting range.

Does Botanical Radiance™ emit purple light?

Our Botanical Radiance™ has both red and blue spectrum lights that could be either combined or separately used. When combined it looks like purple light is emitted but in actuality, evenly distributed red and blue lights are given. 

The red lights are responsible for flowering and fruit production. It's also essential for seed germination, root growth, and bulb development. While the blue lights are for steam and leave health.

What if I only want one of the Botanical Radiance™ lamps to be opened? 

With Botanical Radiance™'s independent switch controls, you can always open just the lamp that you want to be switched on.