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Botanical Exhibit™ Size and FAQ

Nature Meets Nurture: Our customers enjoy an item of sustainable furniture that not only nurtures their well-loved plants but as well as their health and wellness. Botanical Exhibit™, know the joys of nature. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is Botanical Exhibit™ made of real wood?

Absolutely yes! Our Botanical Exhibit™ is made of 100% Eucalyptus wood which adds character and charm to any room.

Will termites be able to eat the Botanical Exhibit™? 

Definitely not! Each of our Botanical Exhibit™ has been carbonized at high temperatures which can prevent corrosions and insects. 

Can I put Botanical Exhibit™ outside for my outdoor garden?

The carbonization process increases the heat and moisture resistance of Botanical Exhibit™, however, we recommend that it stays indoor. This is to ensure the lasting quality of the furniture as it’s not 100% weather resistant. 

Can I remove the wheels of Botanical Exhibit™?

Yes, you can! The four wheels can simply be detached with a screwdriver.