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Bohemian Edge™ Size and FAQ

Impressively Distinct: Our customers enjoy the luxurious comfort crafted in each unique pair of Bohemian Edge™.  Outstanding elegance as a keepsake, Bohemian Edge™.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bohemian Edge™ adjustable?

Certainly yes! You can adjust  Bohemian Edge™ to your liking, even if you have multiple piercings. 

Does it fit smaller and slimmer face shapes Bohemian Edge™?

Yes, it does! We make sure our  Bohemian Edge™ is crafted so anyone and everyone can enjoy the flattering effect of  Bohemian Edge™.

Does it hurt to wear Bohemian Edge™ when worn for a longer period?

Our  Bohemian Edge™ had dulled out edges to minimize the pinching and poking of crawler hook designed earrings. It’s a joy to wear!

Is Bohemian Edge™ heavy?

Absolutely not! They’re made of lightweight zinc alloy with thinly designed embellishments. It’s a joy to wear!