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BlindSpot 180ºAssist™ Size and FAQ

A New Set of Eyes: Our customers enjoy the adjustable, wide, and unobstructed view that our compact rearview mirror provides. BlindSpot 180ºAssist™, your eyes on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this only work for bikes with a windshield?

We recommend attaching the rearview mirror on a windshield but if you’d prefer to mount it on a clamp to attach it to a handlebar, it would also work. Just ensure that it’s attached properly with the correct viewing angle. 

Will this work even with slightly slanted windshields?

Yes, it will. The curved mirror works fine with angled windshields, just adjust it accordingly. 

Are bright headlights an issue with this mirror?

Absolutely not! The mirror has a vertical curve design or simply put, it’s a convex mirror. This means that, unlike flat mirrors, a bright light’s reflection (including sun glare) is spread out evenly to reduce the blinding effect.