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Beyond Traction™ Size and FAQ

Total Recovery: Our customers enjoy the almost all-encompassing portable massager with it’s multiple and adjustable therapy modes. Beyond Traction™, convenient medical-grade technology made available. 



Frequently Asked Questions 

Can the massager be used in a recliner chair?

Our cervical and lumbar massager is made only for any horizontal surface, be it hard or soft.

Are there any restrictions to those who can’t use the massager?

Yes, there are. We do not recommend individuals with medical electronic devices to use the massager while they are wearing them, such as but not limited to, pacemakers and heart-lung machines.

Does the massager substitute a physical therapist? 

Our massager is made to help expedite relief and is not made to disregard and or forego physical therapy altogether. Please, consult with your respective therapist before using.

How will I know which elevation to use?

As a rule of thumb, the higher the height, the higher the traction force or in other words, the more stretch.