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Beyond Carrier™ Size and FAQ

One Carrier for All: Our customers enjoy the versatility and reliability that our 6-in-1 Soft Structured Carrier provides. Nourish love and learning with Beyond Carrier™.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be used for 12 month old babies and older?

Absolutely yes! Our baby carrier is suitable for 3 month olds to up to 36 month olds. Plus it can accommodate infants that weigh from 7 lbs to a maximum of 40 lbs.

Is this carrier comfortable for petite/short people?

Yes, yes it is! The adjustable panel, waist support belt and shoulder straps ensure comfort for all body shapes and sizes.

What carrying positions can this carrier do?

Our carrier is capable of all optimum positions per developmental phase:

  • Front inward facing: Recommended for 0-3 months old but it can be used for up to 12 month old babies. Promotes close bonds between the baby and parent as it eases observation communication, and interpretation between the two.
  • Front outward facing: Use only in environments that your baby is highly familiar and comfortable with, and only for short periods as this may bring them distress. 
  • Frog leg or “M"-shape position: Promotes healthy development of spine and hip.
  • Back position: Recommended for 10- 12 month olds or when they’re getting too heavy to be carried by the hip or front.

If the baby falls asleep in this carrier, does it provide head support?

Yes, it does! The carrier provides proper support and safety for your baby.