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Beyond Boots™

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“I bought these to wear on light snow, sleet, and rain days in Chicago. I was so over wearing my tall snow boots and wanted something cute, durable, and with traction on the bottom so a) I could get them wet without worrying about my feet and b) I would not fall on my butt  LOL and these fit the bill! I wear a size 10 and they fit true to size. The upper part of the shoe is waterproof, I fully stepped in a shallow puddle and my feet stayed dry and the bottom of the shoe is rubber so you will not ice skate across the sidewalk!!!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Audrey Shaw
 ✅ Verified Buyer

Delight in hard to love weathers with the effortlessly impeccable workmanship of Beyond Boots™. With the elegantly tough exterior transition seamlessly to comfortable cushions, and enjoy the absolutely perfect fit! Beyond Boots™, a step higher than exceptional.

For utmost convenience, there's always a pair ready to complement any occasion. Beyond Boots™ is a distinctly beautiful pair of boots wrapped with artistic details for a casual streetwear get-up, and intricately crafted for a formal ensemble. 


Waterproof Surface: Winter snow once melted can cause mud pools to build up. Beyond Boots™ is all-weather wear, preventing snow and rain to permeate the boots, keeping the foot dry and comfortable. 

Abrasion-Resistant: Wear and tear of soles are all too familiar with most footwear, especially when used on rough surfaces. Beyond Boots™ has a durable abrasion-resistant outer sole for longer use.  

Soft Cushioned: Shoes are essentially an extension of your foot, so it must be as comfortable as it can be. The fur-lining and padded cushions of Beyond Boots™ allow for a comfortably warm experience for longer periods of wear. 

Easy Wear: Winter boots are among the hardest shoes to wear with its heavy-duty materials. Beyond Boots™ is cleverly designed for a hassle-free activity with its lightweight feel and side-zipper feature.

True-Size: A size too big or a size too small can mean the difference between painful blisters, and a painless day. With Beyond Boots™, the sizes are all a perfect fit to create a pain-free experience. For maximum comfort, for those with bunions, wider feet, and/or longer toes, select one size bigger. 

Durable: Premier construction of Beyond Boots™ is reflected in its beautifully designed styles, colors, high-quality faux fur, and rubber soles. The beyond classic appeal and long-lasting materials makes this the elegantly tough boots to beat.  

A recent study shows that on average, women spend 40 hours per 15 trips shopping for shoes. Darling, just imagine how much time and money you waste when you have to keep replacing non-durable footwear. 

Visualize wearing rugged-looking footwear with durable and abrasion-resistant outer soles yet when you start wearing it in, it's absolutely lightweight! Then the longer you wear it, the warmer and more comfortable it actually feels. Beyond Boots™, footwear that ages fine. 

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Sizing Note: For those with bunions, wider feet, and/or longer toes, getting one size bigger ensures the most comfort.


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