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Wonder Lift™

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My breasts are not as firm as before. So, I’m super grateful for Wonder Lift™!!! I always want to wear those off the shoulder, one shoulder, strappy shirts but wearing a strapless bra isn’t always comfortable and seems like a lot of wires and boning and just clunky for not a lot of reward.

I got the nude color. It serves a look to die for, even my boyfriend says so… lol. Stays up too...back fat/extra skin is almost nonexistent with the thick back band.

So ladies who want to remain fashionable we know underwear can make or break the clothes whether it’s shapewear or this bra!

It’s perfect 👌🏼”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Julie McLean
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Wonder Lift™ offers you an incomparable all-around bra that does wonders for everyday wear. Confidently slip into your little black dress, and add that extra oomph. The extra lift you never knew you needed, brings out the very best of your “twins” with undeniable comfort and support. Wonder Lift™, seamless beauty, and more.

Just like any good friend, Wonder Lift™s have an incredible system! You can secure those "girls" with the 3 eyes and hook (front band), and 4 eye and hook features (back band).


✅ Seamless LiftEach Wonder Lift™ is crafted with precision. Not a single fabric out of place. The seamless lift design outlines and accentuates your breast, unlike any other bras you’ve tried.

✅ Plunge Bra Design: Wonder Lift™s vanish under low-cut tops. They're perfect for tops with low and deep necklines. Through careful craft, your cleavage, no matter the type of breast shape, is enhanced and contoured. 

✅ Anti-slip Band: The anti-slip rubber bands are thoughtfully placed under the bra’s padded support. We know some days you can't just always sit pretty, sometimes you have to run your strut. So we have you covered from having any embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

✅ Buckle Bands Design: We figured out a way to make Wonder Lift™s durable without the basic wired structure of a bra. Both the adjustable front and back bands are added to make sure your "two girls" stay centered, and perky.

✅ Padded Support: How do we give the best lift? Through the added benefit of padded support. The pads also give your breast almost another full cup size look. Comfortable beauty, that’s what padded support is. 

✅ Wireless Structure: After several washes, some bra wires tend to poke out. Pinching you, and leaving you a nasty wound. With the Wonder Lift™, it’s as painless as it could be. The same amount of support, without the ouch. 

✅ Breathable Fabric:Constructed with a thin layer of cotton and polyester material, Wonder Lift™ is absolutely a breathable undergarment. Dotted patterns with the bands make the Wonder Lift™ breathable!

Premium Colors: The best colors aren’t always the brightest. Neutral colors will complement your outfit on any given day. From Sunday dresses to maxi dresses for date night, you’ll always look stunning.

A recent study shows that 75% of women are more confident when they wear push-up bras. I bet you’re wondering how especially when you’re walking around trying to hide your “twins” doesn’t seem right. The thing is, all cups and sizes are amazing if you know how to bust them.

We all have that one low neckline dress we’re ashamed to use. Why don’t we wear them today? Don’t worry sweetie, I know the perfect wow factor. With every curve precisely cupped by Wonder Lift™, your “two girls” will be the star. Hidden, seamless, comfortable support for your new-found confidence.

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