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Warm Sole™

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“I love these flippers LOL. I call them flippers cos it feels like it's literally just an extension of my feet but comfier!!! I recently was in the hospital and rehab for several months and my feet were always cold. These slippers kept my feet warm and they have a nice bottom to them so you don't slip and slide, they are very safe walking in. They cover much more of my feet than any indoor slippers, and even warmer! Also when you wash them they fluff up even better than when I got them. Very very nice find and the price is wonderful on these. ! UGH these socks are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Cindi Carrigan
Verified Buyer 

Seamless unparalleled style, coziness, and exceptional warmth for ALL foot sizes are everything and more that Warm Sole™ offers. Indulge in comfortable safety with Warm Sole™. 

Warm Sole™ is the perfect warmer combination. Wool-lined exteriors create the premium plush socks, while the bottom grippers create a slipper-like feel. The best part is you can wear it in bed and when you wake! 


Anti-Slip Traction: Any socks are notorious for being a slippery disaster, but not with Warm Sole™. Each Warm Sole™ is crafted with slip-resistant bottoms to ensure that everyone's safety is prioritized. Plus it's tight around the ankles to prevent the annoying feeling of having to readjust socks now and then.

Slip-On Closure: Our Warm Sole™ is thoughtfully designed for anyone in need of easily wearable socks especially those in assisted living situations. The slipper-like feature removes the need to bend over just to wear it.

Ultra-Soft: Made with premium wool, Warm Sole™ has cloud-like softness for absolute comfort all seasons long. The velvety interior keeps your feet warm, snug and eliminates any itchy sensation from wearing slippers socks for a long period.

One Size Fits All: Without sacrificing comfort, Warm Sole™ recognizes that not all sock wearers have the same foot type.  Warm Sole™ is made for ALL foot sizes, and types whether you’re experiencing foot swelling or not, this would fit perfectly well. 

Breathable Fabric: Odor can easily build up from thermal warmers with fleece-lined interiors. Warm Sole™ is made with the dual beauty of wools for interior and breathable fabrics, to keep your feet warm and fresh

✅ Washable: All Warm Sole™ is designed to stay durable even after washing several times. Simply wash and dry to reuse whenever needed. 

A recent study shows that cold temperatures can trigger significant anxiety. Honey, that’s why you need a 24/7 warmer to keep you calm and relaxed all day long. 

Imagine waking up with toasty warm feet, going about your daily task, and staying unbothered by the cold flooring because your feet are just so soothingly comfortableWarm Sole™ is the innovative everyday wear that you can lounge around with. It’s light enough to feel as if you’re just walking indoors barefooted. Yet it hits the right thickness for heat and breathability.

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