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Visor Beam™

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"I’ve been eyeing these since I saw them on on TikTok months ago, and I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and purchased one. I commute and usually get to work early enough to do my makeup in the car but in a parking garage at 6 am, there is not much light, and my interior light in the car only shines on half my face. This thing has been a GAME CHANGER for doing my makeup in the car. It has two settings...really bright and melt your eyeballs bright, but your eyes get used to it after a minute. "

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rhoda Boone
Verified Buyer

Getting ready in the morning takes longer than we want, from taking a shower to putting on make-up, that is, if we even have time to put on a face. If we don’t, there’s definitely a struggle of doing so while in our car. A recent study shows that, on average, women spend 10 minutes applying make-up before work.

Visor Beam™ is designed to be a full-compact vanity mirror with a sleek and modern upgrade. The vanity mirror has it all crafted from the seemingly minuscule revamp of viewing size to the major tech transformation of three different kinds of lighting. This device helps every girl boss in keeping everything running smoothly



3 LIGHTING MODES: The vanity mirror produces brighter lights while using less energy consumption than standard bulbs. Easily switch the color temperature from a warm glow to a cooler radiance.

MEMORY FUNCTION: Common car visors merely provide mirrors for quick viewing, but everybody can effortlessly amp up inclusive car techs with this visor. The two sensors allow brightness and color setting recollection for one-touch beauty polish.

CONVENIENT CHARGING: It’s USB-powered for hassle-free usage. Instead of changing the batteries once every few weeks or months, plug the cable into a power source and unplug when not in use. 

LARGER VIEWING: The compact yet wider built seamlessly fits into a standard car visor. This provides a more efficient and effective last-minute makeup application. 

EASY INSTALLATION: Visor Beam™ firmly attaches to the sun visor without any additional tools. The quick set-up paired with durable velcros reduces distorted reflections, especially when in motion.

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: This car visor mirror is crafted with premium ABS materials and mirror glass that longevity. The cosmetic mirror itself is also scratch-resistant


We understand that doing your makeup in the morning isn't as simple as men think. From rush morning to rush hours, putting on an effortless face is almost too demanding. Not to mention trying to put on your makeup while in a traffic jam leaves you in a more frantic state

Luckily, Visor Beam™ smoothens women’s morning preparations. So this device keeps the “wonder” in every Wonder Woman by easing the process with its ingeniously smart touch control that switches to your desired lighting model. With the memory function, remembers the previous mode setting to keep up with your on-the-go nature.  




Height: 5.3 in
Width: 10.2 in


(1) Car Visor Mirror with Velcro Straps
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) User Manual


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