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Track Shot™

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“I just saw this from one of my friends so I got one for me. I find it so cool with the face tracking (360 tripods) feature can detect my movement, recording without holding or touching my phone. I do like cooking so this is the best for my blogging I kept moving around if I’m cooking in the kitchen so I can able to move back and forth while recording. I like the sensitivity to detect. Best one of my purchases for blogging.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Krystal Reeves
Verified Buyer

Effective communication through physical discussion is already difficult,what more if it’s done virtually. When you don't have a proper video angle and only have your voice and tone to communicate, there's more room for misinterpretation. A recent study shows that 90% of people find it easier to get their point across when they are seen.

Track Shot™, combines micro AI chip-engineered technology with multi-angle adjustment to provide subject-focused streaming and filming unlike any other. Effortlessly mount the phone holder on a tripod for professional stability. Leave no space for misinterpretation by capturing natural movements, gestures, and expressions.


AI MOTION TRACKING: The portrait composition and scale estimation tracking software works with the built-in three-layered optical lens. Seamlessly live stream, video call, and film without wifi, app, and Bluetooth connection. 

PRECISION ADJUSTMENT: With the 42º rotation speed per second quickly focus on the subject. The clamp also provides steady and flexible 315º vertical and 360º horizontal angle calibration.

TRIPOD COMPATIBLE: A screw hole is integrated into the phone holder for a standard tripod. While the durable and lightweight construction ensures portability to help achieve the perfect shot during travels and special events.

CONTINUOUS USAGE: Long standby battery life through the lithium battery allows 6-8 hours of recording in a single charge. As for the phone’s battery, the open clamp design provides proper space for its charging cable while using the phone holder.

Over time participating in social media trends like TikTok challenges or simply updating your social media story feed becomes too tedious from setting up your camera to the actual filming. It is frustrating to think of new ways to post and for your account to stand out when everybody is doing the same thing. Studies show that an estimated 72% of all online traffic will be video content by 2022.

Distinguish yourself from the rest with Track Shot™’s video content technology. It's rechargeable lithium battery prolongs recording hours to easily re-take entre clips and scenes, sustaining your creative momentum. Built-in auto-tracking technology with vertical and horizontal angle adjustments bring professional camera work even when filming solo.


Length: 7.75 in

Width: 3.93 in


(1) Auto Tracking Phone Holder
(1) Type-C Charging Cable


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