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Total Trim™

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“I never realized I had chin hairs until I happened to look in a mirror, outside…. in the sun….It looked HORRIBLE! I used some kind of thing one time that "buffs" them off, and it left scabs and bloody patches, so I thought I would just have to live with that. Total Trim™ stopped me from turning into wolfman every damn time. Tbh this is my go-to product now and probs for a long time.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Wendy Doncaster

Verified Buyer 

Trouble-free days are ahead with Total Trim™. Experience the speedy functionality of professional waxing salons in the palm of your hands. With Total Trim™, single blade razors are overrated.

Total Trim™ allows for one-step immaculate cleaning. Gently trim the edges of your eyebrows or desired area, and leave a spotless glowing skin. Never be nicked again with drug-store trimmers.  


Multi-Functional: Six different razors for a total shave isn’t exactly convenient. Total Trim™ fixes facial hair concerns from eyebrows to upper-lip and even armpit hair troubles in a single stroke.

✅ R-Type Blade: Single and even multi-blade razors often leave dark and irritated hair follicles. With Total Trim™ delicate areas are lovingly cared for, leaving evensmootherand silkier skin.

Precision Trimmer: Each Total Trim™ has a flexible dual blade made for both detailed and large scale trimming! Now, everyone can enjoy a flawless hair-free body from head to toe.

 Reliable Design: Total Trim™ is built with safety and efficiency in mind. Unlike single-use razors, Total Trim™ stops its user from getting nicked, especially when they're in a hurry.

Powerful Rotation: Whole-body waxing is an hour-long painful procedure, but never with Total Trim™. It's the fastest and pain-free whole body waxing yet. 

Washable: Total Trim™ brilliantly resolves the hygienic issue of multi-use trimmers. The body is water-resistant, even the blades can be easily removed for a thorough cleaning!

 Slim Design: Total Trim™ makes it the perfect everyday carry so you will always be prepared for any occasion. The slim, small, and discreet design ensures that it easily blends as if it was just lipstick for last-minute touch-ups.

A recent study showed that an average lifetime cost of shaving and waxing services is $33,207USD! At that rate, you might as well keep the fuzzy hair, and save thirty-three grand. What you need is the easy breezy pampering provided by Total Trim™.

How many times have you bought disposable trimmers that can only shave a single area? My dear, stop. Try Total Trim™, and see for yourself how easy, clean, and precise a well-made trimmer is. Total Trim™, feel the power. 

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Package Includes:

(1) Electric eyebrow trimmer

(1) User manual

(1) Eyebrow comb

(1) Cleaning Brush

(1) Replaceable trimming blade


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