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Total Band™

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“I live in Montana and the snow has already hit the ground and it's freezing out. One of the biggest problems I have out in the cold is my ears freezing. Being a teacher, I'm out on duty on the playground I needed a quick fix. They don't make me look silly like most ear muffs do. Something else I really appreciate about these headbands is this ponytail hole thing. Girl, it’s so ingenious I didn’t even think people thought of it! It’s like I’m wearing a visor but better hahaha. I also have had zero problems with them even after being thrown in a wash. I love them!!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ruth Greenwood
Verified Buyer 

Refreshingly stun the world with the premier construction of Total Band™. The combination of ponytail insert and moisture-wicking insulation creates an unrivaled craft.Total Band™, for a full range of comfortable performance.

The thinly spectacular design is packed with cotton-like smoothness and heat technology. It's the best alternative for bulky earmuffs! Go out in stylish comfort, and be more


Ponytail Insert: Everyday bulky hair feels irritating. Each Total Band™ is thoughtfully designed to have a ponytail insert so hair can seamlessly flow as it should, instead of being constricted.

Full Coverage: Gone are the half-sized coverage from regular headbands. From the front, back and even sides of the head, Total Band™ has everything and anything neatly covered and protected, including thick, and long hairs! 

Multi-Purpose: Rain or shine, winter or summer, Total Band™ is premium constructed to fit any weather and activity. Physical activities are a breeze without worrying about hair falling out of place, and indoor lounging becomes even cozier.

Insulated Lining: Running without earmuffs or even just stepping out to harsh winter snow can leave anyone with stone-cold ears. Total Band™ is structured with an insulated lining to keep your head and ears warm at all times. 

Stretch Performance: Readjustments are synonymous with low elasticity headbands. With Total Band™’s 4 way stretch, the full grip is enforced eliminating the need to constantly adjust the headband so it won't fall off during physical activities.

Quick-Dry: A morning run in the cold or summer heat can leave anyone perspiring more than they want. Total Band™ absorbs the liquid without leaving any odor, stopping sweat from its track.

Durable: Shrinking fabrics after washing is the worst. Total Band™ is for daily use. It keeps intact even after washing, whether it’s machine-washed or hand washed.

Premium Colors: Made from high-quality dye, Total Band™ has vibrantly classic colors that stay even after several uses. It's a classy chic choice for all occasions.

A recent study shows that the ears are the most susceptible location for frostbite. Could anything be worse than being oblivious to frostbite settling in? Sweetie, that’s why ALL of you should feel a good amount of heat from head to toe.

Imagine going out for a morning jog with your entire cold gear, thick vest, warm socks, and for the first time, toasty ears. It’s a big sigh of relief to have well-put-together look, no sweat, or a hair out of place. Total Band™, for the most effortless ensemble. 

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