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Sunset Bliss™

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“I was not expecting this sunset lamp to look even more pretty in person. The pictures that I took truly do not do it justice because it is so beautiful. The lamp itself is so compact, which is great because it fits perfectly on the smallest of nightstands (like mine) or your desk as a cute accessory. It also shocked me how fast easy the setup was because all you need is a cube. You can input the USB cord in, and you are done. The colors are so vibrant, and this lamp can not only be used as a night light, but it can also serve as exciting lighting for your photoshoots. I would recommend this for anybody interested in getting it.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Auren Hardell
Verified Buyer

Sungazing has been a privilege of the few that live in suburban and provincial areas. They’d have to travel a distance to watch the sunrise and sunset for the city dwellers. Our natural attraction to the beautiful yellow-orange wonder is scientifically backed. A recent study shows that engagement with natural beauty such as sunset was associated with higher life satisfaction, gratitude, and spiritual outlook.

Sunset Bliss™ brings the orange, red, and yellow-tinted skyline within the confines of a bedroom. The optical glass lens technology replicates the sunset rings depending on the distance it is projected, essentially delivering the tranquil phenomenon that happens once a day. With the portable sunset projector, nature’s mesmerizing scenery is available all day, every day.



RELAXING AMBIANCE: Multi-colored LED lights generally deliver vibrant colors made for energy boosters and not unwinding. The sunset projector combines soft sunset hues, and glare-free LED light, so each room becomes a warming embrace or lazy Sunday morning vibe.  

OPTICAL GLASS LENS: To replicate the beautiful sunset rings, this projector is equipped with a high-grade optical glass lens. With this, the greater the distance the lamp is, the wider the projection of sunset light onto the wall or ceiling. 

ADJUSTABLE ANGLES: Sunset Bliss™ has a 180º adjustable lamp angle, so the sunset stays wherever and whenever necessary. Compared to LED lamps that seldom provide multiple lighting angles.

COMPACT LIGHTING: The space-saving design allows the lightweight lamp to fit in any nook and cranny or limited-spaced nightstands. It's a portable natural beauty unlike any seen before.

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: For more Instagram-worthy room sunset lighting photos, the projector has a mixed metal construction of iron and aluminum. This way, the lamp remains durable and stable despite frequent angle adjustment.


We understand the hassle that most of us have to take a glimpse and take a photo during the golden hour. The stunning scenery is just too compelling to forego and so the trouble truly is worth it. However, with technological advancements today, there really is no need to go through all that fuss. 

Sunset Bliss™ makes the imagination of the sun gazing at the comforts of your own home in the bustling city a reality. By quickly projecting a sunset on any flat surface with a button press, the lamp provides the therapeutic effects of merely seeing a natural wonder like the sun. Now you can bask in your own sun without any worry.




Height: 11 in
Width: 4 in


(1) Sunset Lamp Projector


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