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Stir Master™

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“I received this utensil as a gift and used it in a wide, shallow pan to whisk butter into a sauce. The sauce came out perfectly; the butter was emulsified better than I have ever done with a whisk. It is very noisy and kind of splashy, but it did move over the entire bottom surface of the pan. It reverses the direction of its rotation now and then, and that helps it to keep moving instead of staying in one spot.”

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Whether we are relaxing or simply doing our day-to-day activities, we still end up trying to do all things at once. Cooking is no exception, often or not we’re doing two things at once while waiting for our food to cook, which can inevitably leave us distracted and leave the pan burning. A recent study shows that 9 out of 10 Americans say they multitask while cooking.

Stir Master™ is a lightweight self-stirring bot that infuses all the flavor profiles of light soups, sauces, and dips. By replicating the back and forth rotational vibrations of stirring, the device can carry off the desired liquid consistency. Prepare an entire meal without having to attend to the bot, and still achieve a flavorful dish. 



AUTOMATIC STIRRER: The hands-free kitchen aid allows stirring, beating, and whisking of light sauces and dips. It gently sweeps the bottoms of pans to also help prevent the food from burning.

CORDLESS: With the compact and wireless design, easily keep the countertop organized and free from tangled wires. The 4 AA batteries offer up to four hours of continuous and uninterrupted stirring to achieve the desired consistency. 

ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Effortlessly remove lumps and granules for a light, creamy and rich taste with the 3 adjustable speed and timer settings: Low, Medium, and High. Simply push the button until the flashing lights appear, signaling the self-stirrer start-up. 

DISHWASHER SAFE: To ensure cleanliness and food safety, the legs are detachable and can be thrown into the dishwasher for cleaning, or it can also be hand washed. Note that the upper part of the device that contains the machine is NOT washable, it must be kept dry. 

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The blades of the device are made with food-grade silicone for lightweight stirring. This also allows the automatic stirrer to be used on any pan regardless if it’s non-stick or not since the blade's material doesn’t scratch or damage the pan’s surface.



We understand that cooking is not at all relaxing for others, especially when the time-consuming preparation involved is too much of a hassle. In the same way that having to impress guests with your cooking can leave you more stressed. Studies show that the time pressures and desire to please with home-cooked meals is a tiring and stressful experience. 

Eliminate the stress of cooking one device at a tie with Stir Master™’s ever-convenient hands-free functionality. Made for the forgetful and on-the-go individuals, this kitchen tool mimics stirring in three different speeds seamlessly. Forgetting to stir the pot or pan for a few minutes or so will no longer set your cooking back.



Length: 8.86 in
Width: 4.33 in


(1) Automatic Hands-Free Stirrer



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