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Solar Shower™

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“This is the coolest thing yet !! I’ve always loved outdoor showers but they are too expensive to install and when are using a garden hose it only cold water comes out. But this works so well !! It’s easy to use and it’s very durable I think it’s going to last a long time. I’m happy with this !!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Betsy Ocallaghan
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Popular outdoor activities especially in the summer like camping and hiking result in sweating more often which can cause bacteria build-up. The best way to remedy this is to take a shower, but it’s not always possible in the great outdoors. A recent study shows that 22% of campers noted that toilet facilities are among their top 10 camping essentials. 

Solar Power™ is a portable luxury experience powered by solar technology. Combine the relaxing outdoor scenery and the comfort of home with its high-capacity construction for an uninterrupted shower. Keep fresh no matter the activity with this essential outdoor equipment.



SOLAR POWERED HEATER: As with all acquired taste, cold showers are not for everyone especially on a breezy camping ground. With this shower bag, simply place the transparent side to face direct sunlight and let the solar technology do the rest.

LEAK-PROOF: The shower bag is made with a heavy-duty hose, shower head, and double buckle design to ensure that water is conserved. The shower bag also comes with a leak-proof divide bag for longer trips.  

EASY TO USE: Easily control the home-like water shower pressure by slowly switching on the shower head. The front pocket can also conveniently hold basic toiletries such as shampoo, soap, razors, and the like.

OUTDOOR READY: Continuously bath for 8 to 10 minutes with the high-capacity bag that can hold up to 20 L of water. Enjoy a fresh out of the shower feel after camping, hiking, backpacking, self-driving, fishing, or hunting. 

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Built tough to last through endless outdoor trips and travel, this camping shower bag is made of the TPU material. It can be placed on any tree and any weather condition without being snagged or torn. 


We understand that not all camping grounds have a body of water or toilet facilities nearby which makes long camps even harder. From the time of getting the camp ready onwards, the probability of itchy bites from insects of all sorts is high, and a shower would seem ideal. This is exactly when a portable shower comes in handy.

Revel in nature’s charm and utilize modern technology with Solar Shower™. Integrated into the quick heating design is a temperature gauge for ample warmth. The TPU material is leak-proof and snag resistant to ensure continuous water flow while conserving water. Made with convenience in mind, after usage simply drains the water and fold. 




Shower Bag
Length: 18.3 in
Width: 19.5 in

Storage Bag
Length: 10.1 in
Width: 6.2 in

Shower Hose:
Length: 15.6 in

Shower Head
Length: 3.9 in 
Width: 2.3 in


(1) 20 L Shower Bag
(1) Storage Bag
(1) Shower Hose with Head
(2) 30 ml Divider Bag


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