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Snuffle Puzzle™

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“Bought this mat for a couple of reasons. 1. It slows her down when she’s eating. 2. Provides some mental stimulation when we aren’t able to get her outside for exercise. The mat does a good job at both. I keep a bit of kibble in the mat so she always has it when she’s feeling “sassy” and needs to burn off some energy. I have washed it once and it held up well. Getting all the food out does take some good shaking, but not impossible.”

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Naturally, our pups and dogs’ behavior can be trained to help them balance playtime with relaxation but that’s not always the case. They may present behavioral issues brought by anxiety and or stress. A recent study shows that fear and anxiety-based problems were the most prevalent behavior problems with 44% number of cases.

Snuffle Puzzle™ is ingeniously designed to provide a variety of activities for dogs of all sizes, ages, and disabilities with relaxing challenges. The vibrant and comical designs engage dogs to participate in activities that also help strengthen their foraging skills. With the sniffling mat, your dogs are given a fun conducive space to just be. 


✅ PLAY TIME FOR DOGS: Indoor dogs don’t always have the space to let loose. So the mat allows dogs with a disability, and old dogs with limited movement to enjoy games that do not require too much mobility.

✅ BEHAVIORAL TRAINING: Nose work training with the puzzle mat engages dogs which helps correct destructive behavior. With the mental stimulant provided by the puzzle mat, each dog is given a variety of fun, relaxing, and engaging challenges.

✅ EASY TO USE: Utilize favorite snacks and treat, and hide them within the mat. Since the fabric is made of washable material, easily clean the puzzle right after use. 

✅ PORTABLE: The thin and compact design allows it to be stored and stowed away into a small storage bag. It can also be hung and set aside when not in use. 

✅ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made with sustainable pill-free fleece fabric, the mat is durable and safe for all kinds of dogs. Firmly place the mat under the chair with the two straps for safety and ease of use especially for larger dogs.

We understand that not all dogs are the same, some need more time to trust their new owners, while others are naturally energetic and trusting. It is frustrating to keep buying different chew toys in the hope of gaining their trust or calming them down. Studies show that the highest average of energy levels for dogs is 102.86 minutes a day.

Snuffle Puzzle™ is a portable re-imagined obstacle course for dogs that comes in a colorful and functional design. Each flower-like attachment serves as an area to hide the treats for sniff work, the same goes with the piñata-colored fringes. It’s the effortless training buddy for your best buds. 



Length: 35.4 in
Width: 35.4 in


(1) Snuffle Mat with Straps


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