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Shower Jam™

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"Even though this is listed as a shower speaker, it is also a versatile blue-tooth speaker that can be used anywhere! I am looking forward to using it by the pool next season. It has a super-strong suction cup too. I've put it down on a counter and desk a couple of times before placing it in my shower, and it stuck firmly without even pressing on it! Honestly, I think my water bill will increase in the following months. HAHA."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rachel Albert
Verified Buyer

It's normal to see bath time or shower time as a chance to relax and even let loose, and for some, part of letting loose is having their very own shower concert. Dancing, singing, and giving an all-out performance in the shower do make things better. A recent study shows that singing in the shower decreases stress and significantly boosts the immune system.

Shower Jam™ delivers a vividly immersive audiovisual experience by providing surround sound musical lights. Be mesmerized by a halo of LED phase, pulse, and shine that dances along with the rhythm of the music. This compact speaker makes your day a little brighter and sunnier, no matter the weather.


WATER RESISTANT: The IPX7-rated speaker protects the sound system against rain, dust, snow, and spills for all kinds party. A splash of water or accidentally dropping it on a wet surface won’t cause any irreversible damage. 

BEAT DRIVEN LIGHT SHOW: Dancing to the own beat of the music after a long day is just what anybody needs. The multi-color LED lights seamlessly set the tone of relaxation.

COMPACT SURROUND SOUND: Its excellent bass with a full high-definition sound comes in a portable and lightweight device. The True Wireless stereo technology supports two wireless speakers to play music synchronously through a Bluetooth connection.

LED DISPLAY: Shower Jam™ has a backlit display of the time and battery status. Plus, for daily news, the device also has a built-in radio.

SUCTION CUP BASE: The removable surface suction sticks to most smooth surfaces. This ensures uninterrupted “me time” and or time with family and friends. 

Using just your phone for shower beats isn’t always ideal for one. It just isn’t as loud. Second dropping your phone while singing and dancing your heart out can be more expensive than just getting a device meant for shower tunes. We understand that not all compact speakers are attuned to your bath and shower rituals.

For most people choosing the right playlist before hopping in the bath is a must. So Shower Jam™ eases the process by simply attaching the waterproof speaker to the wall, and with the control panel, you can skip the songs that just don’t fit your in-house concert - and like any other concert, Shower Jam™ provides its very own light show 




Height: 4  in
Width: 4 in


(1) Speaker
(1) USB Charging Cable 
(1) User Manual


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