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Sensory Cubix™

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“My 5-year-old daughter with autism doesn’t care much for regular toys but this one she's interested in and absolutely loves! She carries it everywhere even when she's about to take her nap hahahaha. She treats it like a teddy!!!! Definitely worth the buy.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Megan Danvers
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Naturally, children are curious beings as they try to navigate the world through games or play. Learning for them is the simultaneous use of their multiple senses while they play. A recent study shows that roughly 80% of brain development is completed by age three meaning childhood games are vital to laying the foundations for formal education.

Sensory Cubix™ is the 6-in-1 busy block that integrates multiple real-life cause and effect simulations that could be easily understood by children as young as toddlers. The simple mechanisms such as the lock and key game panel develop their problem-solving skills independently. Indulge your children in their formative years with a fun way of learning.


✅ COGNITIVE AND MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT: The busy block encourages concentration and independent problem solving as they navigate through the various game panels built around the cube. The think-and-play simulation promotes hand-eye coordination that further builds their motor skills as they grab, move, and unlock the puzzling attachments.

SENSORY ENGAGEMENT: As a sensory toy it’s designed to appeal to children on the spectrum by stimulating their auditory, tactile and visual senses to help them remain calm. The relatively low noise produced by the toy provides appropriate game-time that does not cause distress to children with noise sensitivity unlike busy blocks with music. 

 SMOOTH EDGES: Built for safety, the edges of the cube are smoothened and each material used is non-toxic. This allows parents to feel secure and minimize having to keep checking in on their little ones while they play.

✅ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Compact and lightweight build make it a travel-size companion to help keep toddlers busy during long trips. The stainless steel inclusion adds a tougher and durable construction that would last through the years.

Foreign environmental stimuli can sometimes be overwhelming for children even more so for children within the spectrum. Ordinary stimulants like a honk of a horn or a colorful wall may actually be too intense for them which may reflect as a fit. Studies show that sensory toys can help children focus better, calm down, and relax.

Provide a safe and soothing space for your children with Sensory Cubix™’s tempered busy cube. Unlike other Montessori blocks that include a music game panel, this is designed to gently engage the senses without producing harsh stimuli that can cause distress. It’s thoughtfully created for entertainment while pacifying sudden outbursts.


Length: 2.36 in
Width: 2.36 in


(1) 6-in-1 Busy Block


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