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Pupper Booster™

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“I’m surprised at how much I like it. It’s better for smaller dogs though. My 10lb puppy often gets up from it and onto my middle console. Been a great spot for her to sleep in though when she’s not actively trying to get out of it. I have a Dixie puppy that is getting used to riding in the truck. This carrier is roomy and comfortable. She goes to sleep in it every time!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Moira Simonds
Verified Buyer

Knowing that we get to travel with our fur pals gives a sense of calm and excitement that’s irreplaceable. However, having our fur friends in the passenger seat poses danger. A recent study shows that 65% of dog owners admit to engaging in at least one potentially distracting activity while driving with their dog.

Pupper Booster™ integrates the safety and comfort provided by toddler car seats into a compact dog booster seat. The harness system gives enough breathable space while securing the pet inside. Significantly enhance traveling experience with a booster seat that makes you and your pals’ safety an imperative. 


DRIVER AND DOG SAFETY: Designed with safety belts, this helps restrict the movement of the pet inside, preventing them from crawling over which also means less distraction to the driver. Its adjustable straps firmly secure the booster to the car seat.

BREATHABLE: Aside from safety, the booster seat provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for dogs while in motion. Its mesh net allows each pet to breathe smoothly and keeps them cool during hotter days.

EASY ASSEMBLY: Its collapsible design is complemented with the detachable PE board bottom making it ever-convenient. When not in use, simply fold and stow away. 

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Suitable for dogs, cats, and other pets weighing less than 6kg, the overall structure is reinforced with durable PVC frame bars. The interior is waterproof for easier cleaning especially for pets that are not yet potty trained.  

We understand that dogs naturally dislike any form of movement restriction, especially whenever they’re placed inside a moving vehicle. It is difficult to have to keep your dog under control when you’re trying to focus on the road. Studies show that 19% of those who travel with their dogs use their hands or arms to stop them from climbing from the backseat to the front seat. 

Lessen distractions while driving with the Pupper Booster™’s driver and pet safety integration. The compact booster is nothing short of functionality, its foldable design, detachable waterproof bottom, and front pockets are perfect for on-the-go owners. Travel in style with comfort in mind.




Length: 17.3 in
Width: 15.8 in


(1) Dog Car Booster 
(1) Safety Belt
(2) PVC Support Bar


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