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ProGaming Board™ (Wired)

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“I am loving this thing. I have always been a controller guy until I bought Doom Eternal, and it was obvious from the very first level that this game was made with mouse and keyboard in mind and I decided it was time to make the switch and I'm really glad I did. It took A LONG time to start feeling comfortable with the new set up but once it started to click it made all the difference in the game. This keypad is great!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Prudence Overfield
Verified Buyer

Year after year video games is continuously and consistently being redesigned and improved, turning the past time hobby into a profession. Like any full-time desk job, excessive gaming can cause adverse effects to the hands and wrists. A recent study shows that the most common injury that gamers face is carpal tunnel syndrome.

ProGaming Board™ has a built-in macro customization technology that distinguishes the professional gamer from the rest. With the ergonomic wrist pad painlessly play all night long. Move your fingers in the rhythm of your in-game momentum and instantaneously reap the reward with all 35 keys responsiveness.



✅ SLIM AND TACTILE: By removing unnecessary keys and providing functionality, the Outemu blue switches integrated into the keyboard allow a greater feel of the game. Play anything, anywhere with its compact design.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Comfort while playing is ensured with the within-reach keys for the standard-sized hands. The magnetic wrist pad also adds as a wrist support for long playing hours and can be removed if needed to make more space. 

✅ KEYS CUSTOMIZATION: Instead of needing a hard drive to customize the six recordable keys, each one can simply be programmed. This allows seamless key binding for a single action command, making each game movement instantaneous

RGB BACKLIGHT: Be in the moment and immerse in each game with the five backlight modes that complement the RGB lighting of the mouse. No need to keep desk lamps switched on to see the keys and mouse. 


✅ MULTIPURPOSE: Unlike other gaming keyboards, this one is compatible with not only pc games but as well as adobe applications. It’s perfect for a well-balanced work and game life. 

We understand the frustration of slow and unresponsive gaming equipment, especially during intense games. For long-time gamers, the mastery and accessibility of hotkeys for action commands are a must. So each gaming equipment should feel like it’s an extension of the gamer themself. 

Seamlessly navigate, beat and rank up in every battle with ProGaming Board™’s redesigned keys that fits the natural finger positions. The keypad features a diagonal spacebar and ergonomically placed hotkeys for a faster game response. Stand out in each game with the advanced hardware configurations. 




Length 5.04 in
Width: 2.80 in


Length: 10.24 in
Width: 7.28 in


(1) One-Handed Mechanical Keypad with Wristpad
(1) Mouse


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