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Nurture Green™

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“I purchased this for and it's been pretty great so far. You just fill up the water occasionally, soak it into the vermiculite soil, turn the light on (or hold it down to set it for a 16-hour timer), and watch your plants grow! I sprouted some hibiscus seeds from a plant outside and the two that took are growing rapidly! “

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jocelyn Evans
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A recent study shows that hydroponics have up to 90% more efficient use of water compared to soil-grown gardening. Sweetie, Nurture Green™’s compact technology not only prevents plant dehydration but saves a ton in water bills! 

Nurture Green™ combines the convenience of both Phyto lamps and hydroponic technology. With its space-saving and maximum growth conditions, your favorite herbs, shrubs, and plants have the best care. Nurture Green™, indoor gardening with love. 


 Controlled EnvironmentCompared to the traditional plant growing method, Nurture Green™'s Phyto lamp and hydroponics technology essentially allows the gardener to control the best possible growing and/or blooming condition for plants. Everyone can grow their plants anywhere and anytime while producing higher yields!

 Hydroponic Technology: Nurture Green™ provides the optimal conditions during all growth phases of plants. Unlike outdoor gardening, the closed circulation from hydroponic systems allows better management of the nutrient solutions.

✅ Water Level Indicator: Watering indoor plants is crucial to their growth and development that’s why plant maintenance is time-consuming. With Nurture Green™’s visible water level indicator, never miss a day of watering.

✅ Growing Medium: For best results, Nurture Green™ comes with vermiculite which integrates nutrients and improves moisture retention of the soil. So no need to buy extra liquid plant food for the soil. 

 Intelligent Functions: Nurture Green™ has an intelligent switch control that easily adjusts the lighting and timer settings, making gardening ever-so convenient! The white reading light, seedling red and blue light, and full-spectrum light ensure each light setting is catered to the plant needs. 

✅ Multi-Functional: Indoor gardening tools should always be for a garden variety of plants and seedlings, exactly what Nurture Green™ is all about. It’s suitable for planting herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

✅ Compact: The appeal of indoor gardening resonates among most homes, including those with limited space. Nurture Green™’s sleek and compact design requires less space therefore allowing for a high density of plants in the same area.


1. Check if the accessories are complete.
2. Open the planting pot grill, pull out the cotton pad, and remove the planting medium.
3. Soak the planting medium in water until it is fully expanded and fill it into the planting pot.
4. Spread the seeds on the soil and cover it with a thin layer of soil. If it is transplanted seedlings, the planting effect will be better.
5. Pour the water into the basin body and put it into the planting pot.
6. Plug in the power and turn on the switch.

Imagine purchasing your first plant seedlings only to have witnessed the browning of its leaves overtime because of putting either too much or too little water. It’s absolutely frustrating to invest time and effort into a dying plant.

We understand the struggles that come with indoor gardening and so we offer Nurture Green™’s effortless plant maintenance. With its revolutionary technology and practical design, never again face the difficulty of gardening. 

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Package Specifications:

(1) Planting basin 
(1) LED light pole
(1) Adapter
(1) Planting pot
(1) User Manual
(2) Planting Medium (Vermiculite)


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