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Magic Book™

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“Even an old man who hats to fold clothes can use this gem. I fold clothes for business and vacation trips. Out comes this thing and folding is a snap.Easy to use. If I had this when my children were teens they would have been folding their clothes. (probably should have made them fold them anyway but have you seen a teenage boy folding clothes. "


- Ben Geissler ✅ Verified Buyer

Do you sometimes feel like you’re running out of time? Magic Book™ is curated for an on-the-go man like you. We understand that a life well-lived sometimes feels like you’re on a ticking clock. So we offer you a space-saving, time-saving, and life-saving product.

In three easy steps you're one step ahead in life! Simply, place the Magic Book™ on top of your clothes, fold, and secure with the velcro ribbon. Instant organization, the fast and secure way. 


✅  Rigid Light-Weight Structure: You never have to worry about buying the same product, over and over again. Magic Books are made from a durable, high-grade plastic material, making them extremely light and flexible  assuring a long life span.

✅  Wrinkle-Free Clothes: The tight and secure ribbon on these clothing organizers ensure that your clothes remain wrinkle-free and never come undone during travel or when dropped. The transparent, flexible and compact pegboard stays hidden underneath your folds to add to your clean, and sharp looks .

✅  Precision Laser-Cut Design: Each Magic Book™  is cut precisely with a laser providing you with the comfort of knowing that they will form a unique book-like shape every time. When we say every time, we mean every time. Your clothes’ book-like shape stays the same in your work bag, office table drawer, and your car trunk. 

✅  Multi-Clothing Purpose: Magic Book™ eliminates  your need to buy a hand-held steamer.  You only need to press your clothes once! Transform your entire closet into stress-free space. The strategically placed tabs and and cut-outs makes sure  your shirts, pants, jeans, t-shirts, skirts, underwear, pajamas, hoodies, sweaters, shorts, leggings, gowns, tops, saris, scarves, traditional clothing, towels, bed sheets, light blankets and everything else, stays secured.

✅  Premium Quality Construction: Command the entire room with your fresh and suave looks. Magic Book™ features a prime color addition to its body, wrapped with a superior quality ribbon which is firmly secured by velcro, all to effortlessly maintain its structure.

✅  Compact Travel Size: Created into a compact, yet efficient layout. Magic Book™  is the perfect addition for travel providing the utmost convenience. Not only will they allow you to prepare entire outfits and plan ahead, they will also save you a lot of time.

Did YOU know that a recent study showed that on average we spend four hours a week folding our clothes?

Are YOU done juggling with taking care of yourself and others, too?  Well, we're here to treat your clothes with elegance, and finesse. So, you have less time to worry, and more time doing what you were born to do. You never have to ask again at what cost. We want you to be the man and MAKE TIME FOR WHAT MATTERS. So we did that for you.

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At Fashion Proera™, we truly believe in the quality of our products so we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked! There is absolutely ZERO risk for you!

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