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Lumi Case™

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“I love this light!! I am using it for selfies. It is also helping me in shooting small videos for IG reels. Out of 3 different settings, I like the mixed light... it's also a plus that this takes well before and after photos AND It can be a handy flashlight as well.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Abigail Collins
Verified Buyer 

On almost every occasion, everyone and anyone only have their phones as their camera on their person all the time. That’s why mobile phone companies continue to re-engineer built-in cameras, but there are instances when they don’t provide a professional-looking photo. A recent study shows that 90% of all people who take pictures have only done so on a camera phone.

Lumi Case™ delivers instant illumination with its built-in ring light that’s seamlessly inserted into the case. Effortlessly achieve a well-lit portrait with a simple press of the button, so you can easily choose from the different lighting modes. Capture every moment beautifully with a protective yet functional phone case. 



ONE-BUTTON FUNCTION: The small embedded button comes with an ever function in terms of accessibility. Quickly access the one-button control panel at the back of the phone case to achieve professional lighting with a simple click and long press.  

3 LIGHTING MODES: Carrying heavy and bulky lighting equipment for live streaming, vlogging, and event photography is unnecessary when you can do everything with just a phone. The precisely arranged ring light provides the needed warmth and brightness

SLEEK DESIGN: The phone case has a 2-in-1 function that’s seamlessly designed in one compact structure. Unlike clip-on ring lights that may or may not fit if a separate phone case is used, the ring light can be folded into the case itself.

EASY CHARGING: Its built-in charger is powered by the same cable used to charge an iPhone. Simplifying the cumbersome process of charging with standard clip-on ring lights.  


We understand the frustration in adapting to video call platforms, from setting up your workspaces for the best background to figuring out the lighting. It is frustrating to know that you can only use a pc or a laptop for a proper zoom call instead of your phone. Sometimes even the most most updated phone can't replace the luminosity that external lightings provide. 

Instead of finding the right window or room, Lumi Case™ provides professional lighting with a simple use of a phone case. Plug your phone with the case in place, and use it after charging. Smoothly pull out the ring light inserted in the case—finally achieve modern convenience in one sleek design.



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