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Leather Rebirth™

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Bought this to repair our rocker recliner after our puppy decided to chew up the edge of the chair. It worked great. It was easy to apply and is hardly noticeable...Great product. I'd previously bought the bigger patches from a different brand. I like this for smaller tears as its easier to work with instead of cutting up a patch, this will prevent the foam to stop coming out and making a mess. The color is pretty accurate!!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Nikki Johnson
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A recent study shows that the average cost of leather sofa restoration is between $600 to $800! Sweetie, imagine the compounded cost every time there’s a tear in a high-stress area on the favorite family couch. 

Delicately elegant leather seats are gentle to the touch and even more pleasing to the eyes. With Leather Rebirth™, effortlessly restore timeless upholstery to its former glory. Leather Rebirth™, restoring materials to last a lifetime.


✅ Luxurious Finish: Leather Rebirth™ delivers clean and beautiful results every time. No one would notice there’s was an issue in the first place! 

Leather Restoration Solution: Without a doubt, old leather goods and upholstery has a classic character that’s why leather care is a must.  Leather Rebirth™ seamlessly covers up cracked or damaged leather without having to reupholster the entire item.

✅ Quick and Easy Installation: With such a delicate fabric, the leather repair is quite daunting, but never with Leather Rebirth™. It's peel and stick patch effectively patches up any damaged area in minutes. Plus, it’s strong-adhesive ensures restoration durability!

 Versatile: The beauty of leather is that it builds elegance in whichever good or furniture it’s sewn in. Leather Rebirth™ provides a patch with a perfect match to the fabric being applied to whether it’s a winged back chair, angle sofa, motorcycle seat, and even a leather journal!

Premium Construction: Fine materials deserve extra care just like what Leather Rebirth™ provides. It has a firm knitted bottom on the back is firm paired with a tightly sewn base fabric with no decrustration, and finished with a smooth veneer. It’s the epitome of wear-resistance

Imagine having to get your couch upholstered for the nth time because your pet just won’t stop scratching and chewing it, or because the day has finally come that your decade-long leather furniture has finally shown the marks of time- wear and tear.

We understand the anxiety, and frustration that this would cost another couple hundred bucks. So we recommend Leather Rebirth to tailor fit your patch-work leather needs at your convenience! Seamless restoration never felt this satisfying

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