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Floss Jet™

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"This is the first water flosser I brought. I love it! I thought it might be hurtful to use a water flosser, but not. It's very comfortable to use; I like how it touches the area between my teeth and gum. This product can clean the part that traditional flossers can't touch. After using it, I do feel these four are cleaner."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Marcelina Towne
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Choosing to forego flossing in our oral hygiene regimen leaves food particles in our mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue that promotes bacterial growth, resulting in bad breath. Even if we seek dental care, if we don’t regularly, halitosis will persist. A recent study shows that brushing our teeth without flossing is comparable to only washing 65% of our body.

Floss Jet™ is a professional portable dental flosser that gently cleans the entire mouth from our tongue, teeth, and gums. To encourage regular flossing, silent design technology is combined with customizable cleaning modes for a comfortable and gratifying experience. With this device, you can look forward to flossing instead of forcing yourself to do it.


DEEP CLEANING: The oral irrigator combines high-water pressure and pulsation technology to clean deep between the teeth and below the gum line where standard flossers can’t reach. Using this flosser after brushing prevents further accumulation of food residues.

4 CLEANING MODES: Understandably, not everyone has the same teeth and gums sensitivity. So the device is engineered to address each dental concern through its 4 cleaning modes: Normal, Soft, Pulse, and Sinus.

SILENT DESIGN: This dental tool produces a sound that’s less than 55 decibels, so whether flossing is done during early morning or late night, nobody else in the house is disturbed. No more loud and obnoxious whirring of oral irrigators.

EASY TO USE: Made with ergonomic handles and a conveniently replaceable nozzle, cleaning, and flossing won’t be a tiring task. Simply choose the necessary nozzle and enjoy cleaning.

PORTABLE: Busy days and long vacations can halt proper self-care but not with Floss Jet™. The hard case pouch that comes with it also doubles as the oral irrigator’s protection.

We understand that for some people that have braces, implants, crowns, and bridges it limits the area that they're able to clean with standard dental floss. The frustration that this may cause can lead to finding a painful alternative to have better breath when others can do it without breaking a sweat. A recent study shows that 71% of bad breath sufferers consider painful and invasive surgery in an attempt to eliminate halitosis.

Fortunately, Floss Jet™ eases the idea of flossing as a comfortable and rewarding habit that’s meant to improve our overall well-being. The gentle cleaning modes balance the robust jet pressure system each time the nozzle releases water for a sensation befitting our sensitivity needs. With Floss Jet™, we learn to invest in our oral and dental welfare, so we’ll learn to love ourselves just as we are.


Height with the cap on: 6 in
Height with the jet tank: 9 in


(1) Dental Flosser Device
(1) Hard Case Pouch
(1) USB-C Charger
(2) Standard Jet Tips Nozzles
(1) Periodontal Tip Nozzle
(1) Nasal Nozzle


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