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Designer Peach™

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“Well, as a short chick, I was slightly skeptical they could make me look bootylicious. Man was I wrong; not only do they feel amazing, but they also make my flat white girl booty look like I work out in all the workout gear I buy. They got me walking around the house, checking out my butt every time I walk past a mirror. My husband says I am obsessed but who's going to be the one talking smack when I'm over here looking like Beyoncé because I have workout pants that make me want to work out.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Maia Galloway
Verified Buyer  

It’s challenging to find comfortable, flattering, and high-quality clothes, especially if it’s loungewear and or gym wear. Among all three, clothes that do not only look good but make you feel good are the hardest to find. A recent study shows that the way you dress can have a drastic impact on self-perception and confidence.

Designer Peach™ is the push-up high-waisted leggings for cheeky buttocks and lifted hips. The moisture-wicking technology allows a comfortably worn second skin without the suffocating fit. The redesigned stitching complements each look without sacrificing comfort.



BOOTY LIFT: Not all leggings provide the proper accentuation of all the body curves. The curved seams enhance the body’s natural curves while providing the butt with the support and shaping it needs. 

NON-CELLULITE POLYESTER: With the honeycomb textured fabric of Designer Peach™, all easily seen skin imperfections are reduced. The honeycomb textured fabric gives the perfect plump bottom shape.

SQUAT-PROOF: The scrunch leggings blend activewear and loungewear which seamlessly wrap around like a second skin without any accidental undergarment marks. No pilling, no fading, and elastic.

MOISTURE WICKING: The skin-tight fabric provides lightweight comfort along with sweat absorption that prevents the sweaty and sticky feeling after a workout. This helps build an exercise habit that you can look forward to. 

PREMIUM COLORS: Each vibrant and neutral color choice can easily match any colored top. These distinctive patterns also create eye-catching wear anytime, any place. 


Leggings are undeniably the go-to wear, whether it’s for an errand run or the gym, but not all leggings give you the right “ oomph” or confidence boost. Some even make situations worse with their see-through fabric plus unflattering curves. We understand how frustrating it is to choose one over the other, when you want both style and comfort.

Thankfully Designer Peach™ is crafted to ensure everyone, regardless of body shape, will have that “wow, she looks great!” effect by accentuating the proper curves. The honeycomb texture technology creates an illusion of plumper behind while the waistband provides ample support. Now you have a daily go-to look that feels as good as it looks.


Note: For those with more body volume or bigger bums, we recommend getting one size bigger. This way, absolute comfort and booty lift are made possible!


(1) Scrunch Leggings


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