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Cushion Cream™

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"I cannot stand feeling makeup on my face but if I'm going to go through the effort of putting it on I want it to look flawless, darn it! This product does it all. I put on that stuff on and I was like...whaaaaa? This product is be-u-ti-ful!....It has wonderful staying power but most importantantly it not only looks like your skin but better but it feels like it too! I got the natural color in my ipsy bag a long while back, forgot about it and then tried it again recently and fell in love! I immediately ordered a two again because I never want to run out"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Alejandra Dewald

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Cushion Cream™ protects and revitalizes light and dark skins alike with all its natural ingredients. To safeguard your skin's protective barrier the mushroom applicator is an all-in-one makeup puff, brush, and beauty blender that makes concealment and brightening easier.

Find the perfect shade for you. The Ivory shade is perfect for those with a fairly light complexion, while the Natural shade is for darker skin tones. The Ivory + Natural Bundle works as a concealer foundation and highlighter for darker complexions. Use the Natural shade as the foundation, and the Ivory shade as the highlighter.  

We recommend adding a drop of water on the mushroom applicator to enjoy seamless blending for the beauty after-glow that only Cushion Cream™ can offer. 


Mushroom Applicator Design: Cushion Cream™ eliminates stress caused by the uneven cream application. Flawless, smooth, and even looking skin needs only a single pat. 

Dynamic Duo: Gone are the days of reluctantly using foundations that only cater to a single skin stone. Cushion Cream™ neatly hides blemish concerns while respecting light and dark complexions for everyone to enjoy the magic of the Dynamic Duo. 

Hydrating Properties: Makeup creams, when layered can become dry and flakey, but not with Cushion Cream™. With its natural ingredients, Cushion Cream™ acts as a moisturizing primer and foundation for brighter and plumper skin.

Skin Protector: Beginner makeup users often make the mistake of purchasing primers that clog pores, leaving the skin prone to acne breakouts especially when it’s not washed properly before going to bed. Cushion Cream™ protects the delicate layers of the skin so pores can breathe easily. 

Water-Resistant: Drug-store bought DD creams often last as fast as it was bought. With Cushion Cream™’s water-resistant quality, always on the go women have one less thing to worry about, their look is long-lasting!

Buildable Cream: Most blemish balms and color correctors provide full and heavy coverage that overlays anyone’s natural beauty. Cushion Cream™ found the perfect balance of light to medium coverage to put your natural beauty in the spotlight while allowing a mix and match of makeup.

A recent study showed that 71% of those that suffer acne feel that it has negatively impacted their body image and attractiveness. We know how unfair it feels to see others with clear skin while you struggle to hide a single breakout. Honey, breakouts are absolutely normal, so we want you to live confidently even as you try to hide them. 

We have something to double your confidence and eliminate all your worries. Our cream isn’t the only thing long-lasting, with Cushion Cream™, a blemish-free and worry-free day are lifelongWe only hide what needs to be hidden, the rest of you should always remain in the spotlight.

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