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Cosmic Guidance™

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“I absolutely love the crystal gift set and I’ve been using healing crystals for quite a while now. These crystals are of great quality and I really love using them with my singing bowl to activate my chakras or simply just carrying the small stones around with me, they radiate so much energy and I love that.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Alycia Sacnicte 
Verified Buyer

With the world at a halt, the use of crystals, stones, and gems has recently been gaining popularity, and for good reason. Being stuck at home for months on end tend to make you regress from all forms of social activity. A recent study shows that healing crystals cultivate personal spiritual development and foster social connections.

Cosmic Guidance™ showcases a bundle of mesmerizing conduits of energy to help you manifest a life well-lived and beyond. Each stone was chosen to meaningfully aid in your daily mindfulness practices to restore balance within you and your surroundings. Take the time to listen and reconnect.



✅ COMPLETE STARTER KITThe chakra kit comes with the fundamental tumble stones for overall well-being: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Aventurine Quartz, Lapis Lazuli. With the beginner bundle, easily start with the metaphysical journey of healing.

✅ AREA OF HEALING: Spiritual alignment, healing, and harmony first require identifying areas to improve on.Use the chakra pendulum to help identify problems in your energy field in your mind, body, or home, and cleanse the area of toxicity.

✅ ENERGY ALIGNMENT: The basic stones themselves are gateways for harmony, peace, and energy realignment. To further augment the effects this kit features three powerful quartz for enlightenment, including a Clear Quartz- the master crystal that amplifies energy on all levels. 

✅ HANDPICKED QUALITY: Although the natural stones vary in size, we ensure that each will have a similar size stone for aesthetic and energy equilibrium. This way balance transcends our tools of enlightenment, reverberate in the environment, and is absorbed within us. 


We understand that sometimes all you can really do is believe that everything will fall into place though it can get the best of us. It is frustrating to wait for all of our manifestations to come to fruition. So much so that it almost feels as if all our energy is eventually drained.

Patiently wait for our dreams to manifest with the mindfulness journey offered by Cosmic Guidance™. Simply cleanse, recharge, and use the stones to address any personal and environmental imbalances. Combine or incorporate the healing crystal with meditative practices to promote peace and relaxation.



Length: 7.48 in
Width: 6.85 in
Height: 3.11 in


(1) Wooden Box
(1) Chakra Pendulum
(1) Amethyst Block
(1) Clear Quartz Cluster
(1) Rose Quartz 
(1) Amethyst Tumblestone
(1) Rose Quartz Tumblestone
(1) Red Jasper Tumblestone
(1) Clear Quartz Tumblestone
(1) Citrine Tumblestone
(1) Aventurine Quartz Tumblestone
(1) Lapis Lazuli Tumblestone


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