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Cashmere Comfort™

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“I moved to Seattle where the winters are cool and damp and often windy, and I lived in a drafty old house when I ordered these leggings last winter. It's like wearing kittens on your legs" is spot on. Kittens, small teddy bears, whatever you want to call it--these product name not just merely fuzzy, but seriously it's low-pile stretchy fleece leggings. With the fur feel on the inside. But still fairly thin--I mean, like, you don't look like you gained 20 lbs when you wear them. I went out to a concert on a miserably cold and windy February evening, with these leggings under a skirt. I'm cold-blooded, and even I felt like, "COME ON, WIND, BRING IT ON."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Mandy Thibault
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Weather the weather with the tightest of hugs and warmest cuddles. A sensation that Cashmere Comfort™ replicates ten times over through the combination of premium cashmere, and its 4-way stretch fabric. Cashmere Comfort™, the irreplaceable homely warmth.

Cashmere Comfort™ caters to all body types from petite to plus sizes so everyone is kept warm during the coldest of days. After all, everybody deserves a tight loving hug. 


Thermal Leggings: Wardrobe essentials for the coldest, and harshest seasons. Each Cashmere Comfort™ is fleeced lined for a cozy warmer that feels like hot chocolate in the morning.

High Elasticity: Regular leggings can easily rip and tear, but not with Cashmere Comfort™. It’s made from poly-spandex fabric to conform to every movement so every body type can enjoy full-mobility

Layarable: Made from polyester,Cashmere Comfort™ is surely the quality baselayer that’s fit for any and every occasion. Harsh weather shouldn’t stop anyone from living their life.

Snug Fit: A common irritation of just leggings is the riding and the pinching.  Cashmere Comfort™ is body contouring yet highly comfortable leggings. 

Premium Quality: A staple cold gear requires no other than the softest, and most durable material. Masterful manufacturing of Cashmere Comfort™ ensures that the fibrous cashmere is pill-free even when washed.

✅ Abrasion- Resistant: Stretch recovery design enables Cashmere Comfort™ to be scratch resistant. As everyday wear, bumping into or rubbing against sharp corners won’t leave any annoying loose threads.

✅ Breathable Fabric: Warmers tend to tightly wrap around the thighs causing a build-up of odor, with a clammy and sticky feel. Each Cashmere Comfort™ is designed to have a blend of warmth and breathability for long-lasting freshness. 

A recent study showed that on average, in the US alone there are 180 treat-and-release emergency visits for cold stress or the drop of skin and internal body temperature. We know how uneasy it is to stand frozen, rubbing your palms against your legs just to feel a hint of warmth. Sweetie, you see, having snuggly warm hugs, and soft blankets aren’t just for a homely feel, it’s for your safety

Cashmere Comfort™ does the protective motherly care that you need. Who says being comfortable, and safe doesn’t have to look good? Body contouring on the outside, and a tender embrace on the inside. It’s the all in one protective layer with the added panache

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